“Farewell!” said Little Claus ; and he went off with his money and the big chest , in which the clerk was still sitting.
On the other side of the wood was a great deep river. The water rushed along so rapidly that one could scarcely swim against the stream. A fine new bridge had been built over it. Little Claus stopped on the centre of the bridge, and said quite loud , so that the clerk could hear it ,
“Ho, what shall I do with this stupid chest? It's as heavy as if stones were in it . I shall only get tired if I drag it any farther, so I'll throw it into the river: if it swims home to me, ; and if it does not, it will be no great matter .”
And he took the chest with one hand, and lifted it up a little, as if he intended to throw it into the river.
“No ! Stop it !” cried the clerk from within the chest; “let me out first !”
“Ugh!” exclaimed Little Claus, pretending to be frightened, “he' s in there still ! I must make haste and throw him into the river, that he may be drowned . ”
“Oh , no , no !” screamed the clerk . “I'll give you a whole bushel-full of money if you'll let me go . ”
“Why, that's another thing!” said Little Claus; and he opened the chest .
The clerk crept quickly out, pushed the empty chest into the water, and went to his house, where Little Claus received a whole bushel-full of money . He had already dermes Neo skin labreceived one from the farmer, and so now he had his truck loaded with money .
“See , I've been well paid for the horse , ” he said to himself when he had got home to his own room, and was emptying all the money into a heap in the middle of the floor. “That will vex Great Claus when he hears how rich I have grown through my one horse ; but I won' t tell him about it outright . ”
So he sent a boy to Great Claus to ask for a bushel measure .
“What can he want with it?” thought Great Claus . And he smeared some tar underneath the measure, so that some part of whatever was measured should stick to it . And thus it happened; for when he received the measure back, there were three new three-penny pieces adhering thereto .
“What's this?” cried Great Claus; and he ran off at once to Little Claus. “Where did you get all that money from?”
“Oh, that's for my horse's skin. I sold it yesterday evening. ”
“That's really being well dermes Neo skin labpaid,” said Great Claus. And he ran home in a hurry, took an axe, and killed all his four horses; then he flayed them, and carried off their skins to the town .